Children’s tournament

Almost fifty children from 15 countries participated in this rapid-game-tournament on Thursday. Also the ten years old Javokhir Sindarov (Elo 2374) and the young Russian FM Timur Radionov (Elo 2285) played and so it was the strongest children’s tournament in the history of the Vienna Chess Open.


The victory went surprisingly to the Indian Magizhnan Nikhil (6,5 points), 2nd place for the favorit Javokhir Sindarov (6 points) and 3rd place for his brother Islombek Sindarov (5,5 points). Best girls were Austrian Caroline Rigler (4 points) and the Koreans Yerim Park (4 points) and Siyoun Oh (3 points).


Prizes were awarded by Ing. Wolfgang Gotschke (Austrian Sports Ministry), Christian Hursky (President of Vienna Chess Federation) and Johann Pöcsteiner (Tournament Director).


Thanks to the experienced arbiters Gerald Peraus and Manfred Prager everything ran smoothly.